Walking Cane for Self Defense

  Over the last several years I have been spending more time learning and working on weapons. Of all the weapons I have worked with, I have found the walking cane to be the most practical weapon for modern times (which Master McNeill has been saying for years). Not only is it the most practical modern weapon, the walking cane can easily adapted all the techniques of the other weapon techniques. Not only is it adaptable, but it can be carried with you anywhere you need to go.

I first started looking for cane techniques four or five years ago. I remembered my teacher showing me cane techniques in the late 70's, but I could not remember them. So I started searching the net for information. It was there that I discovered Master McNeill and the GoJu Shorie Weapons System. This is a complete cane system. A wise friend of mine likes to say, "why re-create the wheel", meaning if someone has already mastered what you need to know, don't waste your time starting from scratch. To that end, I have had the honor of working with Master Dave McNeill, the creator of Goju Shorei Weapon Systems, on his cane self defense system. I have also had the honor of hosting Master McNeill as he presented a cane seminar at Missouri Baptist University in 2004.

As I continue to work through Master McNeill's system, I invite others to come work with me on the cane system. All testing for rank must be done through Master McNeill or his certified instructors, but I can help you prepare for lower ranking testing.

I also thank Skip Ewing for his invaluable service to the weapons system.

Contact me at kimzey@mobap.edu or call 314-918-0327

Or www.gojushorei.com/weapons.htm to learn more about the Gojushorei Weapons Systems.