Black Sash Students of Mark Kimzey

The St. Louis kwoon (school) has cultivated some young people to the rank of black sash.  Let me introduce our black sashes to you through the descriptions listed below. The two titles given below, Shifu 師父 and Laoshi 老師, are teacher titles. Shifu, the Mandarin pronunciation of the popular Cantonese term Sifu, has the meaning of father teacher in kung fu kwoons. Shifu denotes more of a relationship between student and teacher rather than just come to class and pay your dues. Laoshi is the everyday term used for teachers of all types. We use this general term for our first level instructors. The Shifu title is usually awarded to teachers who run their own kwoons and who have achieved the rank of 2nd degree black sash. 

Shifu Jason Crahen -- Senior Student

Rank: 4th degree black sash
Order: 1st
History: Jason Crahen is Shifu Kimzey's senior student. He has studied Xing Yi since 1997. He began his study at Missouri Baptist University Xing Yi class under Shifu Kimzey. He was awarded black sash December 2000. Jason assists the running of Shifu Kimzey’s kwoon as well as running his class for several years. Jason is a graduate of MBU and possesses his Master's degree in computer science from Webster University in St. Louis.  Jason is the first student in his generation to attain 3rd degree black sash and also the first teacher in his generation to train his own student to black sash.

Shifu Danny Motta

Rank: 4th degree black sash
Order: 2nd
History: Danny Motta began his study of Xing Yi at Missouri Baptist University in 2001 and was awarded his black sash in November 2003. Danny specializes in church based martial arts ministries and has been very successful in several different churches. He has also helped teach at the St. Louis Kwoon when Shifu Kimzey was away taking Master Level courses. Danny has a Bachelor's degree in Religion from MBU and a seminary degree. He is a pastor of a UMC church in IL.

Shifu Read Wall

Rank: 4th degree black sash
Order: 3rd
History: Read Wall consistently studied at both the college and the house and tested for his black sash in October of 2004. He has assisted teaching Shifu Danny at both the C.A.R.D. and his church classes; Shifu Jason at his church classes as able; and Shifu Kimzey at his school. Read has taught classes in IL, Saint Louis, and now runs his own school in Saint Joseph, MO. Read has earned a Doctorate in Physical Therapy and is the director of rehab for a home health agency in northwest Missouri. He currently runs a school in Saint Joseph, MO
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Laoshi Tim Cronin

Rank: 2nd degree black sash
Order: 4th
History: Tim Cronin-Heckmann is the first non-university student to achieve black sash through the St. Louis school. Tim attended college in Colorado and is currently living and working on the east coast. Tim has expanded his studies of Xing Yi by studying Ba Gua. Laoshi Tim is working toward working in martial arts films on the production end of things.

Shifu Johnny Guyton

Rank: 2nd degree black sash
Order: 5th
History: Shifu Johnny started at the guan in 2001 and tested for his black sash in 2005. In September of 2005, Johnny participated in a kung fu competition and won the Grand Champion title in the heavy weight advanced sparring division. He has completed his Bacholar's degree at Missouri University in Columbia, MO. May 2007 and is currently pursuing his masters degree.

Laoshi Ricky Janzen

Rank: 1st degree black sash
Order: 6th
History: Laoshi Ricky Janzen began his study of Xing Yi at Missouri Baptist University under Shifu Kimzey in 1996. He was one of the first students from the university. He was awarded black sash in December 2000. Laoshi Janzen assisted with teaching Xing Yi and self-defense for women at the university. Laoshi Janzen has also contributed much time and effort in shooting video and producing teaching material with and for Shifu Kimzey. Laoshi Ricky is an alumni of MBU.

Laoshi Tom Rutz

Rank: 1st degree black sash
Order: 7th
History: Laoshi Tom Rutz began his study of Xing Yi at Missouri Baptist University in 1997. Laoshi Rutz was awarded his black sash in 1999. Laoshi Rutz then returned to Tae Kwon Do to finish his black belt and has recently be awarded his 2nd degree black in TKD. Laoshi Rutz has achieved a high level of skill in many areas of Tae Kwon Do. Laoshi Rutz is teaching young people in Tae Kwon Do.

Laoshi Nate Cross

Rank: 1st degree black sash
Order: 8th
History: Laoshi Nathan Cross began his study of Xing Yi at Missouri Baptist University. He was awarded his black sash October 27th 2001. Laoshi Cross assisted with the beginner classes at the university where he met his wife, Holly. He is now serving in the Air Force

Ryan Anderson

Rank: 1st degree black sash
Order: 9th
History: Ryan began his Hsing I studies at MBUuniversity in the fall of 2003, tested for his black sash in March 2006 and has finished his second masters degree in counselling. Ryan assisted Shifu Danny Motta with teaching for three years in Shiloh, IL. The following are degrees that Ryan has completed: Masters of Arts in Professional Counseling, Lindenwood University (Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), B.S. in Psychology, Missouri Baptist University A. A. in Sociology, Southwestern Illinois College

Laoshi Josh Cook

Rank: 1st degree black sash.
Order: 10th
History: Josh started training at the house and after a short hiatus returned to finish his black sash becoming the most recent student to achieve this rank. Josh came very faithfully and assisted with many classes including Shifu Read's.