Tribute to Suye (Grandmaster) Shigenaga


This page is to express our appreciation to Shiye (Grand Master) Dale Shigenaga. I wish I could say I had searched out all the great masters and studied their lineages to pick the best instructor to study under. But the fact is, I just got lucky to study under Shiye Shigenaga. Shiye Shigenaga fully embodies the honorable linage he brings to the United States.

Shiye Shigenaga began his Xing Yi Quan (Mind Body Boxing) study under Master Xu Hong Ji while serving the Air Force in Taipei, Taiwan in 1970. Shiye Shigenaga brought Xing Yi Quan back to the United States with him when he returned and was stationed in the Kansas City, Missouri area. While in the Kansas City area he began his first American school. Shiye Shigenaga was then stationed in South Carolina where he started his second Xing Yi school. Nellis AFB in Las Vegas in 1980 was Shiye Shigenaga's next assignment and the location of his third Xing Yi school. He is still in Las Vegas. From the three schools started by Shiye the United States has been peppered with his students and grand students. Shiye Shigenaga is the founder and head of the American Tang Shou Tao Association. Shiye Shigenaga is grandmaster over schools in Las Vegas (NV), St. Louis, Kansas City (M0), Fargo (ND), Martinsville (OH), Pennsylvania, New Mexico, Illinois, and few others. After over 35 years of study and teaching, Shiye Shigenaga is still teaching and travels at least twice a year to his associational schools to present seminars.

With all that said, I just want to thank Shiye Shigenaga for his life time of commitment to Xing Yi Quan and to his students.

Thank you very much Shiye Shigenaga,

The Hsing I Chuan Kwoon of St. Louis

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