Ba Bu Da Reference Sheet

  1. Three punches (four punches  - first time & first time only each direction)
  2. Low circle cross block into back fist block (tan tien high), Head block, then punch.  (Head block = Hand higher than elbow. Hand above opposite ear)
  3. Low circle cross block into back fist block, chin jab, two wipe-offs, and punch
  4. Outside circle block R. HD – finish block to inside at Tan Tien, R. HD circle block up to face block.  Punch left, circle block up to face block.  Rub-off with R. HD. Punch L.HD.  Repeat other side.
  5. Chest block R. HD, 450 Chop block head high, 450 neck chop, punch with left
  6. Parallel two-handed block up center of chest.  Wipe-off w/ hand on rear foot side.  Punch R. HD, R. HD - big circle outside block past opposite hip, finish with back fist to tan tien.  Punch L. HD
  7. L. HD wipe-off (start at waist) circle block = head high. Grab wrist and break elbow, break ribs and turning back-fist block. Punch
  8. Like #7 without first block.  After elbow break and back fist – elbow strike to chin, chop to neck and punch.


  • All blocks to waist are “tan tien” level = 2” below belly button
  • All circle blocks should end with: elbow parallel to floor, forearm and bicep 900 to each other, and blocking arm 900 to chest.
  • Palm is always to face when circle block ends face high (same open or closed)
  • You are always correct if: Lead foot and lead hand are opposite.
  • Feet position: Inside of feet should be shoulder wide, front foot to rear foot should be opposite “heel and toe” on same line