Tian Gan (White Sash)

Tian Gan translates to "heavenly stem".  This is your spinal cord.

There are 29 forms in Tian Gan.  In the traditional Chinese Kung Fu, they are taught as a single unit.  In order to make them more understandandable, we divide them into two groups, White Sash Tian Gan and Green Sash Tian Gan. 

To futher break them down into understandable groups, White Sash Tian Gan is into 3 groups as follows

Group 1

  1. Palm Change (Breathing)
  2. Single punch
  3. Double punch
  4. Triple punch
  5. Back Fist
  6. Vertical Punch
  7. Double Palm

Group 2

  1. Sword Hand
  2. Direct Clamping
  3. Reverse Clamping
  4. Pecking

Group 3

  1. Low Triangle
  2. Hip Circle
  3. Spearhand Grab


Group 1

Group 2

Group 3