To Know for White Sash

To Perform:

  • Ba Bu da
  • Tian Gan (14)
  • Fu Hu Gong (9)

To Define:

Ba Bu Da Tian Gan Fu Hu Gong
Da Shiye/Suye Shiye/Suye Shifu/Shrfu
Lao Shi/Shr Count 1-10 in Mandarin Xing Yi Quan/Hsing I Chuan (Shen Lung)
American Tang Shou Tao Association Ni hao bu hao? Xie Xie ni
Zai jian Sumu vs. Sumo Horse Stance
Tuntu Kwoon Ting
Hao Dan Tian Solar Plexus.

General Questions

· What must every one on one have?
· Which knuckles do we punch with?
· How many total Tian Gan?
· How amny traditional didvisions in Tian Gan?
· How many total Fu Hu Gong?
· List our lineage through Shiye/Suye.
· Are we an internal martial art, or external? Explain the difference.
· What is the basic difernse between Kung Fu and Karate?
· What style are we?
· What Family are we a part of (school name)?

To Be Familiar:

· Tui Shou, San Shou and San Kan
· San Shou: Stationary no leader.
· Basic Kicks: Front Snap, Side kick, Round house, and Bagua Stomp.
· White Sash One on Ones: Monkey Back (exercise), Monkey trap, Monkey Scissors, Monkey Slap (advanced Ap), Slap Cover Strike Face (Butterfly), Slap Cover Strike Stomach (from BLS 5).
Bones To Name: Bones of the pelvic Girdle (including bone your fist rests on).