Use of Force Policy

Read the following carefully because this is an easy, simple use of force standard which can help keep one out of legal trouble until one better understands more coplicated policies

Caine: "Master Ta, what is the best way to deal with force?"
Master Ta: "Because we prize peace and quite above victory we have a simple and preferred mothod."
Caine: "What is it?"
Master Ta:  "Run away."

A different master's voice is heard: "Perceive the way of nature and no force of man can harm... Do not meet a wave head on, avoid it...

Learn more ways to preserver rather than destroy
Avoid rather than Check
Check rather than Hurt
Hurt rather than Maim
Maim rather than Kill
For all life is precious, nor can any be replace....

You do not have to meet force, it is easier to redirect it...

If one can apply these five simple rules of force:
Avoid, Check, Hurt, Maim, Kill, then one can have a clear conscience after having to defend oneself by knowing one used the leaset amount of force possible and thus the least amount of damage to the attacker and can avoid ending up on the wrong side of a law suit