White Sash Trivia

  1. What must every one-on-one have?
    1. Monkey back
  2. Which knuckles do we punch with?
    1. The back three knuckles
  3. How many total Tien Guan?
    1. 29
  4. How many traditional divisions in Tian Gan?
    1. None
  5. How many total Fu Hu Gong?
    1. Nine for beginners
  6. List our lineage back four instructors.
    1. Shifu Mark Kimzey
    2. Shiye Dale Shigenaga
    3. Da Shiye Xu
    4. Master Hong
  7. Are we an internal or external martial art? Explain the difference.
    1. We are an internal martial art.  An external martial arts relies more on muscle and strength. Internal art is soft and fluid.  We are in reality a soft-hard style.  We are soft and fluid until the point of contact.  Then we become very hard.
  8. What is the basic difernse between Kung Fu and Karate and Tae Kwon Do?
    1. Karate is Japanese
    2. Kung Fu is Chinese
    3. Tae Kwon Do is Korean
  9. What style are we?
    1. Hsing I Chuan
  10. What linage Family school name are we a part of?
    1. Shen Long
  11. What Association are we?
    1. American Tang Shou Tao Association
  12. What is the difference between sumo and shimu?
    1. Sumo is Japanese wrestler
    2. Shimu is teacher's wife