Statement of Faith

Statement of Faith I became a Christian January 1986 while living in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Lord had been working powerfully on me the last four years I lived in Vegas. The Lord had me isolated so I had little personal contact with people. Running my friend’s business and then working my eight hour shift at my other job it gave me little time for socializing. Therefore, there was no one to talk to but Him. So I learned to talk to God while I walked my security routes at night. I watched as He kept putting the right people in my path who would witness to me. He also put the perfect witnessing track in front of me one evening. I was walking guard duty and kicked a piece of paper. I picked it up and read it. It was the most unique tract I had ever read, but exactly written to make the point about salvation the way I needed to hear it. The Lord had also been using the Church Sunday School bus ministry of a local congregation to lead me to the right church to hear the gospel in plain simple truth. It was during a revival at that church that I finally accepted the Lord as my personal Lord and Savior. It was very interesting at that time to look back and realize the spiritual warfare that had been fought over me. I am so glad God won. It was at that point the Bible became alive to me. Once I had a relationship with the Lord I could clearly hear the call to ministry. February of 1986 I accepted the call to Christian ministry and was on my way to South Carolina to begin my college training for ministry. After two years at North Greenville University, and two years at Missouri Baptist College, I started my Master of Divinity course work which I completed in December 1994. During those years of schooling I also worked in many different Baptist Churches in many different capacities of ministry including, but not limited to, Sunday School teaching (all ages), Children’s church, Teaching Wednesday and Sunday night services, pulpit supply, and as an interim pastor. In 1992 I began my ministry to university students when I began working at Missouri Baptist University. I was able to mentor students both from Missouri Baptist University and Covenant Theological Seminar as they worked for me as Director of Public Safety and Director of Housekeeping. I was able to help prepare many of these men for the ministry. We learned about honest work, people skills, and how to use Christian principles to guide us through our work. I reminded my workers often, if they could not succeed in housekeeping or security using Christian principles, they would never make it as they ministered to the church. I further ministered, and continue to minister, to college students in my classroom as I begin each class with prayer. As their professor and/or advisor I can also share God’s love, mercy, healing, holiness, and when appropriate God’s justice, as it is needed in their lives. I try to daily minister to my family by being a godly husband and father. I teach my children about God and his love for us through his son Jesus Christ. We have been active members of our last church for the 18 years, and worked with children ministries and teaching adult Sunday School class for over 8 years. We are now active in our new church. All this is to say, that as a Christian, Christ is the center of my life both in my home, in my employment, and in all other areas of my life. Sincerely, Mark A. Kimzey .